Gain Knowledge

…..with Santa Barbara Women’s Self Defense

Many of you have practical self-defense knowledge based on common sense, experience, and sociali- zation that will serve as a foundation.  An escort or buddy system is an example of a practical measure that is part of conventional thinking about keeping women safe.  But some social norms restrain women from naturally responding to danger.  The notion that men have the role of protector of women implies that women inherently have insufficient physical resources to protect themselves.

When explicitly stated this sounds wrong, however, on an operational level both women and men hold this to be at least partially true.  Women that have participated in contact sports have experience leveraging their strengths to gain physical advantage.  But women with these skills are the exception rather than the rule.  Part of this self-defense course will be to talk about what is true about women’s capabilities and for each one of you to experience the ample power you do possess when applied strategically.

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